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    "could_be_translatable" : true,
    "is_literal": true,
    "is_related": false,
    "is_media": false,
    "modes": ["edit","list","tm","search"],
    "default_tools" : [
    "render_views" :[
            "view"    : "text | mini | default",
            "mode"    : "edit | list"
            "view"    : "line | print",
            "mode"    : "edit"
            "view"    : "ip",
            "mode"    : "list"
    "data": "object",
    "sample_data": {
        "lg-spa":["mi título", "Otro nombre"],
        "lg-eng":["my title", "Other name"]
    "value": "array of strings",
    "sample_value": ["my title", "Other name"]


Component input text is a basic text component to manage plain strings without format. Value do not support HTML code. Data could be non translatable, translatable or transliterated.

Data model

Data: object with languages as properties.

Value: array of strings, or null

Storage: In database, component input text saves his data as object with the languages as property and values as array of strings.

    "lg-spa" : ["mi título", "Otro nombre"],
    "lg-eng" : ["my title", "Other name"]

When the component is instantiated, the component get his data from his section and only get the value in the language that is instantiated.

When the component is instantiated as not translatable the lang is defined as lg-nolan

    "lg-nolan" : ["Augustus"]

When the component is instantiated as transliterated, the main lang is defined as lg-nolan but it's possible to add other translations.

    "lg-nolan"  : ["Augustus"],
    "lg-spa"    : ["Augusto"]

Import model

By default, import model uses the JSON format of his data, an object with lang properties and values in array.

    "lg-spa" : ["mi dato para importar", "Otro dato"],
    "lg-eng" : ["my import data", "Other data to import"]

See the full text import definition here.



options: true | false

Used for transliterate components. When is set to true, the component remains to non translatable but it can be transliterated to other languages. The main lang of the component will be lg-nolan but it can handle other languages with the tool_lang

Used to export data with all languages in JSON format.


options: true | false

Add a request to the component to search equal values in all records in the section. When is set to true, an alert will be displayed when the user introduce a duplicate value in the component.


options: true | false

Informs users that this component requires a data value (user must to introduce any value, it's mandatory).

multi_line : deprecated (use a component_text_area instead)

options: true | false

Used to support multiple lines. The input will be replaced by a text area HTML node on rendering.