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Dédalo Documentation v6

Dédalo is a Free and Open Source software develop abstract objects with a ontology model. The ontology control the app flow with the descriptors, related terms, no descriptors, TG, TE, etc. The objects are built with a MVC structure and are linked to the ontology. The database use a NoSQL model, all data is stored in JSONB (binary).

  1. Introduction

  2. Installation

    1. Updating from v5
  3. Configuration

    1. Configuration of Dédalo
    2. Configuration of database
    3. Configuration of areas
  4. Management

  5. Core

    1. Components
    2. Locator
    3. Search Query Object - SQO
    4. Import data
  6. Diffusion

    1. Diffusion data flow
    2. Set up Dédalo Publication API
    3. Configuration Dédalo Publication API
    4. Publication API
  7. Development

    1. Creating tools
    2. Using a media components to be integrated into 3party code