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Thesaurus dependencies


Dédalo use different models for specific heritage field. For example, if you want create a tangible catalog of archeological collection, you will need to implement the tch (tangible cultural heritage) ontology model or tld, if you want work with numismatics heritage you will need to implement numisdata or if you want create a interviews archive you will need to implement oh tld, etc.

All this ontology definitions get data, use, thesaurus, therefore the ontology model has dependencies of some specific thesaurus.

Why thesaurus are not directly use the main tld?

The quick answer is that thesaurus can be shared between disciplines.

The longer answer is that if you use the the same tld for the thesaurus when you implement the tld you are implemented the full definition with all sections and fields that maybe you don't want to use.

For example; you want to implement tch model and it use the thesaurus material, seems that this material thesaurus definition should be defined with a tch tld instead his own tld, in this way the material thesaurus will implemented at same time that tch implementation. But material is also used by numismatic model numisdata, if the thesaurus use the tch tld when you implement the thesaurus you will implement full tch model that you don't want.

Besides a thesaurus can be shared between projects and installations, so is necessary a specific tld.


The next table show the dependencies between main catalog tld and thesaurus tld.

Thesaurus name Typology tld tch tchi ich numisdata oh isad dmm
Chronology Thematic dc
Culture Thematic culture x x x
Deposition type Thematic depositiontype x x x x x x
Enrollment Position Thematic pieces x x x x x x
Iconography Thematic icon x x x
Immovable property Thematic tchi x x x
Material Thematic material x x x
Object Thematic object x x x
Onomastic Thematic on
Technique Thematic technique x x x
Thematic Thematic ts
ISAD(g) Catalog isad x x x x x x
Location Ubications ubication x x x x
Cause of uncertainty Semantics uncertainty x x x x x x
Job roles Semantics rolejob
Position roles Semantics rolepos
Semantic Semantics ds
User roles Semantics roleusr
Special Special special x x x x x x
Analysis Conservation coanalysis x x x x x
Cause Conservation cocause x x x x x
Job material Conservation comaterial x x x x x
Pathology Conservation copathology x x x x x
Treatment Conservation cotreatment x x x x x
Countermarks Epigraphy sccmk x x x x x x
Greek Epigraphy scell x x x x x x
Latin Epigraphy sclat x x x x x x
Northern Paleohispanic Epigraphy scxibo x x x x x x x
Punic Epigraphy scxpu x x x x x x
Southern Paleohispanic Epigraphy scxibm x x x x x x x
Southwest Paleohispanic Epigraphy sctxr x x x x x x x
Symbol Epigraphy scsym x x x x x x
Web sites Websites ww x x x x x x x

The above table shows required dependencies for the main tlds, but it is possible to implement more thesaurus than those required, for example, if you want to work with epigraphic legends in amphorae with Greek thesaurus when you are working with the tch catalogue, you can implement it.

How implement?

Thesaurus is a flexible and extensible system. Main definitions with tld and ontology creation is managed and controlled by the Hierarchies section hierarchy1. You can add new registers and create new thesaurus to be used in specific way.

Some thesaurus are common as languages and they are implemented by default in the installation process. Some of them are common but you need to specify if you want implement it or not, as toponymy (official toponymy), some installation will work with Spanish toponymy some with France or Japan or a mix of any of the 147 countries than Dédalo has implemented, this thesaurus can be implemented in the install process or in the maintenance panel at any time.