Since the start, the entire development project of Dédalo has been built on web technology.

The internal manager and the publication is done from an interface that runs in a web browser.

The project has gone through several phases with a specific browser engine as development. The first versions were developed on Netscape and Firefox, in 2011 the project adopted WebKit as the standard for developing the catalog manager, this change was caused by the so-called "codec war" for the new video tag in the HTML5 standard.

Dédalo had been using the H.264 standard for several versions, which has restrictions on its use license that do not affect cataloging projects. For a browser like firefox however, these restrictions made its implementation impossible, so until the arrival of Open H.264 Firefox was not compatible with this standard, forcing the project to change the web engine. In this year we removed the H.264 dependency and we added other video codes and now Dédalo is not dependent of any code definition. Every project can choose his own implementation.

Nowadays Firefox is fully supported again in the latest versions of Dédalo, runs perfectly in WebKit, Chromium and Gecko browsers.