The purpose of current repository is to allow access to very simple examples of a website based on Dédalo publication system and explain the use of the Dédalo API REST and how to make requests and manage returned records in vanilla javascript. Is not intended to give production files, they are only functional samples keeping in mind easy learn.

  • page: html basic page manager for call the templates with menu and language selectors

  • tpl -> generic: basic template to create a page with title, abstract, body and images

  • tpl -> free: template to manage free search in video transcriptions and get video fragments

  • tpl -> thematic: template to manage browsable thesaurus tree and video indexations

  • tpl -> faces: template to manage a global informants view with complete interviews and transcriptions

Dédalo publication templates code

Working playground minimal version!

Android coins connection viewer

This is an app (template), connecting to a Rest API.

The application makes a connection to the API, extracts the data (coins) and displays it to the user.